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Aloo Poha recipe

Poha means “flattened rice” or chuda (odiya). Aloo Poha is a quick,easy dish made from flattened rice which is fried with potatoes, onions and some more ingredients. poha recipe is prepared in most of the states of india but the preparation may vary and each region.                     […]


Pomegranate Punch

  INGREDIENTS OF POMEGRANATE PUNCH 2 pomegranate 1 tbsp lime juice 1tbs sugar(optional) 2 cups soda 1 cup ice cubes For Garnishing 1 tablespoon mint minced Preparation Steps of Pomegranate punch recipe Extract fresh juice of pomegranate using juicer or blender.Remove the seeds. In a bowl add pomegranate juice, lime juice, sugar. Stir well  till to dissolve sugar. Then add soda,mint leave and ice […]


Aloo Raita Recipe / Potato Raita

    Aloo Raita recipe is a simple and easy-to-make North Indian side dish.Main ingredients used in this raita recipe are potatoes and curd. While potatoes are loaded with carbohydrates and starch, curd is a rich source of calcium.                                              […]