Chutney, South Indian

Onion tomato chutney

Onion tomato chutney is a sweet, tangy and spicy chutney made from onion, tomato and dry red chilis. It is a perfect pair with idli, dosa, Utthapam and vada. I added here some jaggary for slight sweet ness. Because my family like this chutney as slightly sweet. You can skip it. If you want more […]


Wood Apple Chutney/koitha Chutney

Wood apple is known as koitha in Odia . The pulp of the ripe wood apple is mixed with jaggery ,green chili and enjoy. It is a spicy, sweet and sour chutney. In India, the fruit was traditionally a ‘poor man’s food’ .‘wood apple,’ is also referred to as elephant apple, monkey fruit, curd apple, […]