Happy Pakhal Dibasa to all my lovely Friends.
20th March is celebrated as “Pakhala Dibasa” or “Pakhala Day”.IMG-20190315-WA0354

About Pakhala:
Pakhala or watery rice is an absolute delight for summers, The liquid part is known as toraṇi. In traditional way rice and water is stored for 1-2days so that it get well fermented, then only it can be eaten and real flavor appears.

An Odia household is incomplete without Pakhal. It is popular in Odisha, Bengal, Assam, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, and Tamil Nadu. In Tamilnadu it is called Pazhaiya Sadam,in Bengal it is called panta bhat, in Chhattisgarh it’s called bore bhat,in Jharkhand , paani bhat, paakhaal  and in Assam it’s called poita bhat .

Different types of Pakhal:
1.Jeera Pakhaḷa is made by adding fried cumin with curry leaves to pakhaḷa.

2.Dahi Pakhaḷa is made by adding curd with pakhaḷa.
Badi chura is taken as a side dish with pakhala.

3.Garama pakhaḷa (hot pakhaḷa) is generally made by adding water instantly after making rice or with warm rice.

4.Basi pakhaḷa (basi in Oriya means “stale”) is made by fermenting rice by adding water which is generally kept overnight and eaten in the next day.

My Pakhal Platter :
1.Dahi Pakhala
2.Baigan Bharata /Roasted mashed Eggplant
3.Badhi chura /Sundried Lentil Dumpling Crumble
4.Saga bhaja /Green leafy fry
5.kalara bhaja/Bittergourd Fry
6.Guguni /Yellow peas curry
8.Some sliced cucumber and onionIMG-20190315-WA0338



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